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My name is Willa Rae. I am a musician, event conspirator, activist & eccentric, purveyor of auditory luxuriances & sinful experiences in Detroit, Michigan & beyond. I am currently dually located in Detroit & New York City. 

My band is called Valerie The Vulture.  A femme-led garage rock band thrusting into the 2020's with four-chord anthems celebrating the power of one really loud guitar and the unbreakable femme spirit. Valerie is the boldest version of myself, my inner fearless provocateur & living proof that you can be your own rock and roll hero.

I am the frontman & high priestess of Willa Rae & the Minor Arcana, the one and only soul-less soul/ gothic rock troupe that emerges every lunar cycle for the month of October to bring their theatrics to stages nationwide & help their fans invoke, celebrate & cleanse themselves of their demons at the yearly For Saints & Sinners Halloween festival.  

You can explore all the things I do & more via this site. Cheers! 


What can I do for you? 

Perform at your party, club, festival, orgy, etc. 

Plan, host, emcee, book, consult, appear at, promote &/or manage your party, club, tour, festival, orgy, etc. 

A combo of any of the above 

Write you a song, sing on your song, play guitar on your song, help you write your song, tell you what I think about your song, help you find other people to play, record or promote your song 

Read your palm

Read palms at your party, club, tour, festival, orgy, etc. 

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