My name is Willa Rae. I am a musician, event conspirator, activist & eccentric, purveyor of auditory luxuriances & sinful experiences in Detroit, Michigan & beyond. I am currently dually located in Detroit & New York City. 

My band is called Valerie The Vulture.  A femme-led garage rock band thrusting into the 2020's with four-chord anthems celebrating the power of one really loud guitar and the unbreakable femme spirit. Valerie is the boldest version of myself, my inner fearless provocateur & living proof that you can be your own rock and roll hero.

I am the frontman & high priestess of Willa Rae & the Minor Arcana, the one and only soul-less soul/ gothic rock troupe that emerges every lunar cycle for the month of October to bring their theatrics to stages nationwide & help their fans invoke, celebrate & cleanse themselves of their demons at the yearly For Saints & Sinners Halloween festival.  

You can explore all the things I do & more via this site. Cheers! 


What can I do for you? 

Perform at your party, club, festival, orgy, etc. 

Plan, host, emcee, book, consult, appear at, promote &/or manage your party, club, tour, festival, orgy, etc. 

A combo of any of the above 

Write you a song, sing on your song, play guitar on your song, help you write your song, tell you what I think about your song, help you find other people to play, record or promote your song 

Read your palm

Read palms at your party, club, tour, festival, orgy, etc. 

Send Booking Requests/ Love Notes to... 

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